Located in Essex County, Ontario. Sandon Studios can be found at various art shows in the area.

Our Story

Sandon Studio is a full-time labour of love and artistic expression. Through our unique designs of fused glass we make useable art.

My 2nd Act!

Sandra worked for many years as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and later as the Executive Director for the Sonography Organization of Canada.

Once retired, she and her husband, Gordon, set off to fulfill their life-long passion to travel around the world. They travelled as far south as Ushuaia, Argentina and as far north as Stockholm, Sweden. Sandra also had the good fortune to visit the far north to Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, and Collville Lake in the NWT.

These days, along with their two ‘fur-babies’, Sandra and Gordon continue to enjoy exploring Canada, with Newfoundland being one of their favourite destinations.

Artistic expression always stood out to Sandra and she appreciates the varied and beautiful art she was able to experience through her travels around the world.

Once she discovered fused glass, Sandra realized she had found her own artist passion. She loves to spend time in the studio and continues to study and explore new techniques in order to perfect her craft.

Sandra can be found exhibiting her unique pieces at various craft shows around Ontario.

Designs & Patterns

All products from Sandon Studios are uniquely different, no two are alike. Sandra likes to think of each pieces as a work of art that can be set out for display or used in a practical way. We specialize in serving plater, bowls, spoon holders, coasters, soap dishes, candle holders and more.

Custom Orders

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Our Area of Expertise

Sandon Studios fused glass designs are one-of-a-kind artist expressions.

Quality products

We specialize in serving platers, bowls, spoon holders, coaster and much more.

On time delivery

We ensure custom orders are designed and delivered in a timely fashion.

Unique Designs

We pride ourself by creating one-of-a-kind products.

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