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Sandon Studios fused glass designs are one-of-a-kind artist expressions. No two products are alike. We offer serving platers, bowls, sushi plates, decorative kitchen spoon holders, coasters and more…

Serving Platers

Serving platters by Sandon are both useful and decorative. Why not add a dash of colour to your room and dinner parties.


Bowls are versatile and can be used for any meal. Those made by Sandon are colourful and come in a variety of sizes.

Spoon Holders

Spoon holders are a delight for a cook of any calibre. Sandon spoon holders offer cooks less mess and more colour.

Sushi Set

Serving platters by Sandon are both useful and decorative. If you enjoy sushi you can serve with style.

Soap Dish

Add a bit of flare and style to your powder room or by any sink area with a Sandon Studio soap dish.

Olive Plater

If you like to entertain and enjoy a good olive then you'll love our olive, platers. Jazz up your party with our platers.

Coaster Sets

Sandon Studio coaster sets are a perfect hostess or any holiday gift choice. Always useful and decorative too.

Chip and Dip

Our chip and dip sets are perfect for potato chips, salsa, veggies, you decide. A versatile serving choice.

Candle Holder

Add a little ambience to your evening with our one of a kind candle holders. A subtle but safe glow is always appreciated.

Glass artist - Sandra Hudson

Sandon Studios is located in Essex County, Ontario. Sandra Hudson enjoys working with fused glass and makes unique, one-of-a-kind products. You can find Sandra at various art exhibit and vendor shows in the area. Be sure and check the upcoming shows page to learn where you can find her vendor both.

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